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2014-tesla-model-s_100436548_mTesla is starting to sound as a top hit of the musical industry. After years of effort and hard work, finally the Tesla Model S has become a hit of the automobiles industry.

This car has taken the American company to new heights of success. If this was about a singer, it would be safe to say that it has just received a platinum disc. This achievement was reached for the fantastic success that this model had since the launch on the market.

The success is obvious for both an electric car and brands whose legacies have existed as standard for years and years. The Tesla Model S would be of similar size with BMW’s 5 Series and the Mercedes E Class, but because of its price, it often ends up fighting with the “bigger brothers” of these models.

Fortunately, that is not exactly a problem since from the beginning of its presence on the market, the Tesla Model S sold more cars than models such as the Mercedes S Class, BMW’s 7 Series or the Audi A8.

The United States is the disputed market here (obviously, since there is the real Tesla power), and the timetable for this study is the first three months of this year.

According to CNN Money, Tesla was already able to sell 4750 units during that period. As a contrast, the leader of the famous players of this market, Mercedes, sold only 3077 of the S Class. Since the S Class is prepared for replacement, it is understandable that sales would be limited, but how BMW managed only 2388 deliveries with their own 7 Series, a model that recently got a facelift, we cannot say that the Tesla Model S took very much advantage of a down-falling market.

The Audi A8 for example, a model that was recently revolutionized and that are receiving almost constant positive reviews, barely managed to sell 1462 establishments.

Should we wonder that the Wall Street guys love Tesla so much that they ranked them higher than those from Fiat?

A couple days ago, the biggest news involving the automobile industry was that the Model S has achieved a maximum overall score of five stars and a similar score in all subcategories.

“Of all the vehicles tested and all the models approved for sale in the United States, the Model S has set a new record with the lowest probability of injury to its occupants.” reads a communique of Tesla.

Moreover, Tesla has put at risk the equipment and the whole testing process. Thus, during the test of resistance to pressing the roof, the equipment failed. According to the company, the test indicates that Model S “would resist without being deformed if above it would be placed at least four other Model S vehicles loaded to their full capacity”.

There is however a serious element in all of this, namely the fact that Tesla was born from nothing, ten years ago, and has established itself with style in Detroit. The Tesla Model S is expensive, and Tesla has yet to prove that it can still be a profitable company in the long-term. The car, however, owns the highest scores in tests for safety, as well as prestigious awards in the industry.

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