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KNCTRTelephony has changed dramatically since the coming of the 21st century. The widespread saturation of cell phones is the most obvious facet of this change, but Internet telephony is just as significant; it’s a technology that enables you to have voice or video calls with another person far more cheaply than was viable at any point in the past. You’re simply sending the data along your own Internet connection. However, setting a system up on your own is quite the arduous task; most people are going to be much better served with a full-fledged internet telephony suite, such as KNCTR that allows you to make free phone calls to Canada.

KNCTR is easy to set up, easy to use, and once configured provides you with free outgoing calls to anywhere in North America, even if you’re currently not in North America yourself. You don’t need to pay expensive long-distance fees for any calls made outside of your own area; you don’t need to waste the limited minutes provided by your cell phone plan. Just install the software, and you can make calls at any time, in whatever number you like. There are no hidden fees, no strings attached – KNCTR is completely ad-supported, meaning that they cover their expenses without charging you a penny.

This is incredibly useful for travelers, since it lets you contact your acquaintances back home no matter where you may be in the world, but it’s not a single-function thing, and it’s well worth your while no matter who you are. You can place voice calls anywhere in the entire North American continent, without limitations. This is the same functionality you’d get out of configuring a VoIP setup manually, but without nearly as much struggle or hassle; instead of relying on several pieces of software acting in tandem – and a great deal of hand-configuration to get them to do that – you can use one convenient app. You’ll never be presented with an obtuse, technical error; KNCTR just works.

All you need to do to get KNCTR up and running is to download the app on a Windows PC, install it, plug in a headset or a microphone, and press the big green button to activate your account. You’ll be given your KNCTR number, and from there you have automatic routing of voice calls over VoIP, with no extra effort on your part. The KNCTR app runs in the background at all times, so you can make a call from your PC just as easily as you can from a dedicated phone. If you’re worried, you can shut it down, and it will behave nicely – but there’s no need to do that; KNCTR’s resident functionality is useful and unobtrusive.

Regrettably, KNCTR doesn’t run on non-Windows platforms, at least not natively; you can fool with virtualizing Windows, of course, but that’s none too reliable and takes quite a bit more work on your part. Still, Windows is by far the most common computer operating system, and KNCTR works perfectly on it; while lack of Mac and Linux support certainly qualifies as a flaw, it’s not nearly enough to outweigh the merits of having an unlimited number of free outgoing calls.

KNCTR InterfaceKNCTR is about more than just phone calls, though. Most notable is communication on the KNCTR network itself; you have free VoIP calls between KNCTR users worldwide, making for a cheap and easy way to keep in touch with friends and family. Beyond that, KNCTR is a fantastic general-purpose communications platform, with integrated Facebook and Twitter clients; it’s a piece of software that allows you to stay connected, no matter where you are or what you’re looking for. We’re communicating in more ways than ever before now, and KNCTR is a program built around that notion.

You can also check a variety of news feeds from sources like CNN and the New York Times from within the same application, or watch videos on one of the included streaming video channels, covering things like movie trailers, celebrity news, or trailers. Whatever you’re looking for, KNCTR puts it right at your fingertips; it’s a tremendously useful application to have, and it’s absolutely free to download. Free phone calls within North America, free KNCTR-to-KNCTR calls anywhere, social media, video feeds – it’s a universal tool for communication.

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